Why Salon Vari Chooses Wella Color

At Salon Vari, we know hair color is important to our clients. As such, selecting a top tier hair color line was a critical choice for the professionals at the salon, and one we put a great deal of thought into. Salon Vari’s color specialists chose Wella Color due to its extensive color selection and

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Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Treatments

If you reside in the humid climate of Charleston, South Carolina, then you too have likely become victim to the frizz caused by our weather approximately nine months out of the year. The humidity definitely contributes to many failed attempts at keeping our hairstyle intact all day long. Fortunately, there is an answer for your

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The Perfect Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

There’s just one last holiday left to wrap up the winter season and it’s usually covered in red hearts, glitter, and a lot of cupid arrows. Can you guess which love obsessed day we are referring to? Whether you’re a helpless romantic or think Valentine’s Day is overrated, there’s no doubt that love is in

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