Best Tips for Healthy Hair


When our hair feels its best, our hair looks its best. If you have damaged hair, you might notice that your locks are harder to style, don’t grow as fast, or might not seem to grow at all. Between gummy vitamins and shampoos on infomercials that promise healthy hair, it’s hard to know what practices we can partake in to actually help our hair to grow. Are there really vitamins we can take, shampoo we can use, and treatments that help our hair to be healthier?

Professional stylists at Salon Vari have put together a few their favorite healthy hair remedies to obtain healthier hair:

Chop the Mop

Research shows that getting regular haircuts actually enhances hair growth and helps your hair  remain healthy. If not taken off, split ends can actually split all the way up the hair strand. Long hair should be trimmed every 8-12 weeks or sooner if you’re noticing a lot of split ends. To help shorter styles keep their shape, a cut every 6 weeks is beneficial. It’s important to be specific with your stylist about what your hair health goals are, as an experienced stylist can help you achieve these goals!


Load Up On Your Vitamins

The legends are true, you are what you eat! Loading up on vitamins such as fish oils, zinc, iron, vitamin B-complex, C, and D can aid in hair growth as well as help your skin and nails to thrive. Making sure your body is getting enough vitamins is crucial to your health and a lot of vitamin deficiencies have actually been linked to hair loss. Load up on those vitamins and vegetables!

Invest in a Silk Pillowcase

This is a current trend that is here to stay for awhile. A silk pillowcase is not only good for your skin, but it has also been known to decrease the amount frizz and tangles in our hair. Silk pillowcases can range anywhere from $10-$100 and are a great purchase to increase the health of your hair.

Lay Off the Heat

We all know applying heat to our hair can damage it, but how is a gal supposed to style her hair? Thankfully, there are a few other ways we can style our hair without using heat to allow time for damaged hair to heal.

Trying out new hair styles such as various kinds of braids and a chic low bun is a great way to style hair without using heat. Using hair oils on wet hair and allowing it air dry into effortless waves is also a way we can avoid heat on our hair and keep our locks as healthy as possible.

When you do style with heat, make sure you always use a heat protectant to prevent damage.

Use a Mild Shampoo

We tend to think twice about chemicals that are in our food, but do we ever think about the chemicals we are using on our hair? Many shampoos can be harsh and strip away oils. Certain oils in our hair are what give our mane its’ glossy and healthy shine. Avoid drying out your hair by using shampoos that are more gentle, especially if you color your hair.

Add Hair Oil Into Your Routine

Natural hair oils such as jojoba and coconut oil can bring a shiny, healthy, vibrant effect to your hair without causing it to look greasy or weigh it down. Hair oil can also reduce the amount of breakage within your hair and serves as a great heat protectant.

Schedule an appointment with one of our professional hairstylists for tips on how to make your healthier or change up your current look!