Bumble and Bumble Surf Campaign


Do you ever wish that it could be summer all year round? With beach weather upon us, beach hair has also been making its appearance. The saltwater can transform locks into voluminous, waves that make you feel as lighthearted and free as a sunsoaked day at the beach. Even though summer won’t last forever, with Bumble and Bumble’s line of Surf products found at Salon Vari, your beachy waves can!

Bumble and Bumble is known for their rebellious style with a touch of elegance, which they have incorporated into their Surf line. This set of six products allows you to get creative with your beachy styling – whether you’re looking for soft waves and effortless movement or windswept locks with a dose of grit, these Surf stylers will do the trick.

The first set of products is the Surf foam wash shampoo and creme rinse conditioner. Designed to give your hair more body, this shampoo and conditioner set moisturizes your hair without weighing it down, giving you that beachy buoyancy without actually setting foot on the sand!

After your hair has been freshly washed with the Surf shampoo and conditioner, you have four more Bumble and Bumble Surf products to select from. Two are designed with fine-to-medium hair in mind, but can work with thicker strands as well. Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Styling Leave In is a limited-edition product that protects hair from harsh UV rays, while also controlling for frizz. This one won’t leave your hair feeling gritty at all. The Surf Spray is Bumble and Bumble’s second fine-to-medium award-winning product that will give you windswept waves, but it creates more of a matte look with a touch of grittiness.

For ladies and fellows with medium-to-thick hair, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion product will give you those beachy waves, with the added bonus of UV protection and a bit of shine. For the best results, be sure to shake this product well before spraying it on.

Finally, Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Foam Spray is made for fine, medium, and thick hair. Use this before blow drying your hair for massive volume with heat-styled refinement. This product is part mousse and part salt spray, which will give you volume without the stiffness and waves minus the grit.

Since several of the finishing Surf products protect against UV rays, you’ll be rocking your beachy look without the sun damage that can accompany it! Stop by Salon Väri to pick up these Bumble and Bumble products or contact us to schedule an appointment.