How to Avoid Chlorine Hair Damage This Summer


Temperatures are rising and the water is getting warmer here in the south which means one thing–summertime is just around the corner.

We might find ourselves sunbathing outdoors or cooling off in a nearby pool or ocean. These ideas usually bring thoughts of bliss and excitement, however your hair might be thinking otherwise.

Excessive chlorine and sun exposure have been known to cause dry hair that strips strands of a natural lubricant called sebum, which can cause dry and brittle ends–putting a damper on your summer fun in the sun.

Here at Salon Vari, we tend to see this problem occur quite often during the summer months and have the perfect solution for clients who can’t get enough beach days. We carry a one-time treatment called, Malibu C, that offers summer treatments for those who find themselves spending most of their time poolside for the next few months.

Malibu C provides a specific product designed to combat the effects that chlorine can have on fine or blonde hair. Those who swim competitively or simply love the water are most likely aware of the green coloration, itchy scalp, and breakage that can occur from the build-up of copper in chlorine pools.

Book an appointment at Salon Vari to receive a specific treatment from Malibu C developed to improve how your hair feels and looks, even after your daily swim with our Swimmers Wellness Remedy treatment. This summer hair solution dissolves quickly, restores vibrancy, and is formulated without any parabens, gluten, fragrance, sodium chloride, or preservatives.

Come let us show you how to restore your locks and keep them healthy all summer long, without having to give up any pool time. Contact Salon Vari today to book your appointment and protect your hair from the summer sun and chlorine this season!