How to Combat Winter Hair Dryness


A drop in temperature means festive holidays, snow days in and sometimes the dreaded dry winter scalp.

There’s no escaping its’ wrath; winter dry scalp will leave flakes on your favorite black sweater and causes a constantly itchy scalp. If you’re familiar with the scaly scalp that cold temperatures bring, then you’re most likely also aware that a winter dry scalp can stay with you throughout the spring, until warm summer days are upon us.

The hair stylists at Salon Vari consider themselves experts in defeating the dreaded dry hair and scalp around winter time. Keep reading for tips on how to combat dryness this year:

Shampoo Less Often

Some might think of dirty hair as the enemy, but during the winter skipping a wash every couple of days is actually in your best interest. Washing your hair every night can end up stripping your hair of natural oils that moisturize your scalp.

Instead of shampooing your hair every night, try substituting dry shampoo and let your natural oils thrive!

Add in a Weekly or Biweekly Hair Treatment

Performing a conditioning treatment on your hair and scalp once a week or once every other week is a great way to keep strands from getting too dry. Hair conditioning masks can be implemented by the professionals at Salon Vari, or done in the privacy of your home.

If you’re looking to try out a mask at home, simply turn on your favorite Monday night television show, comb in your hair mask and relax. When your show is finished, rinse out your conditioning mask and immerse yourself in silky soft hair. Alternatively, you can join us for an on-site experience with professional grade products, a relaxing scalp massage and a glass of bubbly!

Cut Down on the Heat

Most of us know that excessive heat can wreak havoc on our hair strands. If you want to prevent dryness, laying off the heat is any easy way keep hair lucious and soft.

You can also tame hair naturally by applying an oil to damp hair. If you want to add a little wave or texture, try leaving hair in a braid for a few hours after oil application. We love our Bumble and Bumble hair oil for taming hair naturally and avoiding heat.

Winter dry scalp isn’t fun for anyone, if you find that you need a professional’s opinion or looking for a new hair mask this spring, come see our stylists at Salon Vari. Take a look at our many services and book your appointment today!