Wella Training Recap


As a hair professionals who like to stay up to date on all of the latest hair care and color product developments, the stylists at Salon Vari regularly go through training sessions with product representatives. Most recently, our core salon team sat down with our Wella Professionals representative to learn more about the redeveloped product line.

Wella Professionals has lines of professional color, hair care and styling products, and appliances, but our training focused on their color collection. We began by learning about Wella’s pure balancing services, which are geared towards clients who are looking to combat color fade and get healthier looking hair.

Pure Balancing Services:

Pure Soft Balance: adds shine and a touch of color

Pure Intense Balance: rejuvenates color

Pure Rebuild Balance: revitalizes dry-looking mid-lengths and ends; Pure Rebuild Balance is combined with WELLAPLEX (we use Olaplex at Salon Vari)

After this part of the training session, our girls practiced what they’d learned on various hair swatches. Our Wella rep encouraged us to select colors we weren’t familiar with to expand our color knowledge.

While we waited for our colors to process, we regrouped around the table and went over a few more redeveloped Wella products. If you’ve been coming to Salon Vari for a while, you might know that we frequently use Wella’s Color Touch for giving your hair color, shine, greater tonal value, as well as a bit of coverage and color balancing. Wella has recently enhanced this product into Color Touch Plus, which functions much like Color Touch, but it is especially useful for clients who have been using Color Touch for years and aren’t seeing the same results. Due to its heavier dye load, Color Touch Plus gives an extra punch of color and better gray coverage.

Wella Training

We also reviewed Wella’s Color Touch Relights and Instamatic Color Finish. Both of these are finishing products that can be used for color correction and to give the hair one extra level of base color protection. Depending on the developer that we use, the Instamatics can also give your hair a pop of color.

Our Salon Vari team embraces ongoing training practices. Training sessions like these provide an excellent forum to ask our rep questions, practice new techniques, and bring that enhanced knowledge back to our chairs to better serve our clients.

If you want more information on the redeveloped Wella products, contact us. If you are already convinced, schedule an appointment at Salon Vari today!