Why Salon Vari Chooses Wella Color


At Salon Vari, we know hair color is important to our clients. As such, selecting a top tier hair color line was a critical choice for the professionals at the salon, and one we put a great deal of thought into. Salon Vari’s color specialists chose Wella Color due to its extensive color selection and hair enhancing formula that’s suitable for all skin types.

Find out why our hair professionals can’t get enough of Wella Color in the salon:

Gentle on Sensitive Scalps

We appreciate all of our clients here at Salon Vari and, as such, it was a priority for our team to choose a color line that is suitable for all skin types. Wella created an entirely new molecule called ME+ to prevent allergic reactions and reduce harmful ingredients. We always aim to keep our client’s safety and comfort in mind, thus we selected the Wella line for all of our color, where all of the dyes are safe for those with sensitivities.

Color Selection

Wella is known for their vast range of colors, which is another one of the key reasons the Salon Vari team selected the Wella color line. Our stylists are able to choose from a wide selection of bold and unique colors based on their client’s desired look.

Easy on your Hair

Wella’s organic formula works to leave hair with a glossy finish that is both lustrous and soft. Maintaining healthy hair while achieving your desired color and aesthetic is Salon Vari’s ultimate goal. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for the color of your hair!

Wella is 100% organic, easy on your hair and sensitive to those with allergies, making it the perfect fit for our salon and clients.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your hair goals or make an appointment with a stylist at Salon Vari, visit our appointment page. To take a look at various color services, take a look at our services page. In the meantime, get some inspiration from the Wella lookbook.